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Welcome to The Herbertson Racing Team website.

We are a motorcycle road racing and track racing team who currently have 2 family members who are part of the North East Motorcycle Racing Club and also compete at the Isle of man TT, Pre Classic and Classic TT if you want to know more have a look around.

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Update on Dom the Bomb and his 2019 plans

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Post TT 2017 Message to all my supporters

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you is still a understatement for my appreciation of all my fans, team mates, sponsors and family for all your support in providing me with a platform to help me continue my rise up the TT ladder to become one of the top riders.

I have attained higher race speeds in this year’s TT along with a very good TV, media and press coverage. My belief is that each year my own motivation and ability will keep me rising up the ranks until I reach the top.

My rise to the top can only be hampered by one thing which is funding.

As you all know I am a privateer who is fortunate to have friends and supporters who are willing to put their hands into their pockets and help pay for items such as tyres, fuel, engine rebuilds and protective clothing.

I have Dynobikes in Malton Yorkshire who have taken me under their wing and provide me with their very professional approach to preparing motorcycles for events such as the TT.

I also have WH Racing who are two local friends and their families, who also provide me with race meeting support and a family team approach to make it all happen. WH racing have also supplied a brand new 2017 Kawasaki ER650 Lightweight bike which I ran for the first time at this year’s TT.

This bike was an off the shelf road bike bike with no engine tuning, turned into a race bike by Dynobikes of Malton in the space of six weeks prior to the TT. The bike was recorded has the slowest bike on the Speed trap down Sulby Straight at 135mph during the lightweight race but did four laps and finished 23rd with a final lap speed of just a fraction under 110mph. Without this very generous bike purchase by WH Racing along with their intention to have the engine tuned for next year’s TT.

I would not have been able to compete in the TT lightweight race at all.

It is this kind of financial support that a professional motorcycle rider requires to sustain his push to the top particularly at the TT.

In order for me to continue my rise and sustain a TT future I require a headline sponsor or an already established well financed race team to help me take another giant step forward to the 130mph club.

My intention is not to turn my back on my current friends and personnel sponsors but to take them along with me in conjunction with any new support.

I predict a strong future for myself in the sport that I love both on the track and off it.

The TT needs young up and coming riders such as me to follow in the footsteps of the greats.

I have the talent and the inner self belief that I can make it to the very top with the correct stable financial support.

If you feel that you can help me in anyway please contact me in any format you wish and I will be happy to talk. “The future is unpredictable but planning of it is important”.

Thank You


Dominic Herbertson


Well what more can we say than 2016 has been a time of highs and lows – Mark preforming amazing in the classic events thought out the whole season and had an amazing finish in the Classic TT 500cc race and Dominic moving up the ranks in both the TT and Classic TT with and amazing 6th place and first privateer home.

Check out our results page for all the details.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone for your support and help in the 2016 season we are looking forward to 2017 already!!


It is the end of 2015 there have been ups and downs with great laughs in between.

Massive thank you to everyone for your support and help. We are very proud of Dominic becoming the North East Motorcycle Racing Champion 2015!!

TT entries are back Dominic Herbertson has a full entry on his Honda Fireblade  1000 and his ZX6R. He will also ride Neil Beckett ER6 in the lightweight race. This will be six races in the week.


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