One week before the ferry leaves for the Classic TT. Tested at Cadwell Park last Friday and all is going well, AJS 7R 350 requires a gearing change but other than that it should be a case of out of Alans van once on the Island, up to scrutineering then out onto the Glencrutcery Road. Matchless G50 getting a new set of rings and happily the front brake is working much better with new disc in. Hopefully Lloyd has got Herbertson Racing and good spot in the paddock as he has promised, so all we need is good weather a bit of good luck and support from all our friends. I would like to extend my particular thanks at this time for the support of Andy Brown of Gilbert Brown Transport Ltd for this years Classic TT.

Come and see us on the Island in the paddock, kettle is usually hot and there is always plenty if biscuits. If you have not met us before please do not be afraid and make yourselves know to anyone on the team you will be made most welcome. We have a blue van with Herbertson Racing written all over it. Dom the Bomb our TT star will be with us for a few days starting race week but work commitments means he is unable to ride at this event maybe next year for him on a Classic. As always the team is always on the lookout for supporters and sponsors everything from a spark plug to a full factory ride.

Dominic is 49th in his first ever TT race -and wins a bronze replica!

Herbertson Racing is going head to head!

Mark and Dominic will both be competing in the IOM TT against each other between 24th May – 6th June 2014.

Will you be there?

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