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TT 2016 – High Quality Results A Plenty For Dominic Herbertson

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TT 2014 Hexham Courant

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Hexham Courant September 2014-Two Bronze Replicas from TT debut for Dominic.

Dominic Herbertson and his racing team from Hexham have recently returned from TT 2014 with a haul of two bronze replicas and two finishers medals for there achievements during the two Supersport 600 races and the Lightweight race at this years TT races in the Isle of Man.

Dominic was the star of the show after a slow start in practice week and overcoming the early difficulties in getting his Kawasaki ZXR 600 set up for the demanding 37.73 mile TT course. He progressed up the time sheet to start his first race in 61st place out of a field of 77 and finished a creditable 49th in changeable conditions at an average speed of 114 mph over the 4 lap race (151 miles).

He did even better in his second race with a fastest lap of 117.6 mph on the 600 and finishing in 35th place. Both races brought him a bronze replica from each race and a great deal of praise from many seasoned TT riders for his excellent progression both in learning the demanding course and his speed on a stock engine 600 Kawasaki which he had not raced prior to going to the TT.

In the teams final race the Lightweight race on the final Friday, Dominic was riding his own Suzuki SV 650 minitwin and his father Mark was riding a ER6 Kawasaki that had been loaned to him by Harrison Racing Team of East Linton, Berwickshire.

Mark started 20 seconds in front of Dominic but Dominic made up the time and passed his father on the mountain mile on the first lap of the three lap race.

Dominic finished the race in 30th and his father in 37th. Dominic missed out on his third bronze replica by just eight seconds but both riders were awarded finishers medals for completing the race. Dominic kept the flag flying for Suzuki as he was the only rider that finished on a Suzuki in a field of Kawasaki motorcycles.

Dominic said “It was a great TT for me and I defiantly intend to return next year with not only the 600 but also a 1000cc Superbike and compete in all the races.

I also enjoyed betting my Dad in the Lightweight race as this was the first time I had ever raced against him”

In reply Mark his father said” My son Dominic did extremely well and there is a future successful TT racer in him with the right financial support and backing. My only excuse in the Lightweight race is he had a faster bike than me which is why he beat his old man”

Dominic and the team are already planning for TT2015 and if there is anyone out there that would like to help please can they contact them at or via the Herbertson Racing facebook page.